"The door has accidentally closed behind you"
This is probably one of the most common problems that a locksmith in London will encounter and solve; It is thought to happen roughly around 400 times a day in the greater London area.
LD Locks will be able to open the door in a short space of time with no damage to your lock or your door at all.

"Have you Lost your keys"

This is also a common situation that a locksmith will encounter, people are always on the move and lose their keys or are the unfortunate victim of theft.
In this situation there are two solutions, the locksmith can either pick or drill the dead lock. Any dead lock that needs to be drilled will probably need to be replaced with a new one.

"The key is stuck and does not turn in the lock"

There are several reasons why this might have happened:

You have the wrong key

The lock needs some lubricant

The door is warped or jammed preventing the latch or door from moving freely

The snib (button on the inside) has broken or slipped into the locked position, locking the latch completely

The lock has broken due to wear and tear over time

"The Locks and keys need to be replaced"
This is also a very common job a locksmith will undertake, it is often required as the result of a break in, a stolen bag or keys or the property is changing tenants.
Most locks can be changed quite simply as they come with a basic set of instructions. However it is important to get the correct measurements and replace the old locks with identical locks otherwise the simplest job can become a expensive time consuming nightmare.
At LD Locks one of our locksmiths will be able replace them immediately with like for like locks, giving you peace of mind.

"There has been a break in to your property"
If you find yourself in this horrible position you are going to need a 24 hour locksmith with a quick response time to repair the damage, change the locks and make the property secure again.
If you find yourself in this position please call LD Locks we are always ready to help in these stressfull situations any time of day.


" Why do i need British Standard locks? /or upgrade my locks?"


Most insurance companies now require at least one Lock bearing the BS kitemark BS:3621 2007 to be fitted to all final exit doors, Whether it be a Deadlock, Sashlock or Nigthlatch + any Additional security / Door bolts, door chains or mortice bolts/ rack bolts.  The same also applies for any ground floor and first floors accessible windows to Be fitted with lockable handles!



"We have just moved in to our new property, should we change the locks?"


Yes I would always recommend to change the locks when you have moved into a new property, even if you are renting.* Reason being you cannot be too careful as to who has got keys to the property, Old tenants, flat mates or guests? So many keys change hands these days and you don’t know where they are and who has them.  *Some landlords / letting agents might disagree as it could be to costly if lets are short term?